Carlton Cloister

Like much of Melbourne’s Victorian era workers housing this single storey, single fronted terrace house is located walking distance to the CBD while the surrounding neighbourhood retains a distinctly quiet and leafy character. The terrace house however is often orientated east west, as was the case here, with little opportunity to orientate living spaces to a northern aspect.

To accommodate a family the typical terrace plan of two front bedrooms with living to the rear is mostoften adapted adding a bedroom over the living areas of the house. Valuable space is lost through the addition of a stair to go up and the lack of natural light to the living spaces is not addressed and in many cases made worse.

The Carlton Cloister additional bedroom and ensuite is located instead over the existing garage at the eastern end of the site, adjacent to the laneway, and connected by a corridor along the southern boundary. The two-storey addition fits into the character of the laneway while the corridor provides an opportunity for north facing glazing and connection to the garden.

Photos by Shannon McGrath

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