Flinders Lane

This Melbourne based company designs and creates ways to deliver health information that is engaging and easily understood. Our brief was to design a space that fostered a collaborative work style in a studio space, for a bold and colourful fit out that reflected the innovative web based work that the creative team of animators is engaged in.

We used the analogy of the operating room in our design; the central workstation is bright red while the surrounding walls and glass partition are striped in an abstract pattern of green blues and blue greens recalling the wall installation works of the artist Sol Le Witt.

Surgical gowns are green or blue because they are the complementary colour to red on the colour wheel. When a surgeon is operating on a patient they become de-sensitised to haemoglobin red and therefore the innards of a patient during surgery. By glancing up to either green or blue the eyes are refreshed and more sensitive to variations in red.

Photos by Nic Granleese

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